The Vintage Inn


The Vintage Grand

Dukan Road, Saitsohpen

Sohra (Cherrapunjee)

Meghalaya, India


The Vintage Inn

In the Abode of Clouds is situated the wettest place on Earth- Sohra (Cherrapunjee).

The Vintage Inn located in Dukan Road, Saitsohpen, Sohra is a bungalow more than 150 years old. The building has been restored and has six rooms which are rustic and rugged of the old world charm.

Adjoining the Inn is the new three storey building which house a restaurant, a dormitory of 10 beds and a drivers restroom. The Inn and new building stand in stark contrast but blend with the natural surroundings.

The Vintage Grand

Our second property- The Vintage Grand located across the road is a modern hotel with 16 rooms, a hall, a library stocked with vintage books and a small museum.

We offer a variety of room options for every budget for the discerning Traveller.

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